I heard the sound of nature and felt the breeze as I faced the edged of the World. A proclamation came to mind, one of entitlement as if we are not fortunate enough to be alive: this is it!

What else might you find when riches have been obtained, love known, and fulfillment found?

A cosmic purpose cannot be understood, what meaning we have–we made!

It’s okay if we never know, I still lived!


I Know, I don’t Like

Apart from our desires we know little of who we are. Blinded by forces bent on the destruction of our very nature, how could we ever be good? If not controlled what mayhem will ensue; what trouble caused, and who will be hurt along the road to truth?


Will there be casualties while we move towards a destiny we have yet to understand: how could there not be?


Lay claim to yourself, many do not like what they find  under the rubble of broken dreams and self-defeat.

NO MORE! When we rise, the Earth shall rejoice and Heaven shall echo our mothers sentiment! One day, we too will know how to live, how to love and how to really come alive.

The Quest and Consequence

The search for happiness, it can lead you astray, through fields of cotton, how we wish they were hey. Because my walk has crossed your way, we both try to make it, day-by-day. I saw you for who you are, what I believe, we are made from stars. Yet, we were told it did not matter, no worries of how far we have come, if in the end, we are still just as dumb. As when we set foot in this world, we wonder, we ponder, we are still just absurd. Now the fields we rome are starting to look more like home, and I don’t know when we stop, do we wonder till dawn? When do we rest, we have so far to go, of these questions, I still do not know. You earn your home, and you find your place, all of the past, forever erased.

Climb To Heaven

I have heard that time takes the life from us all, leaving us a shell of what was formerly something wondrous. Can you lead me to Heaven: where the glory never fades and all we have come to love will not leave. I want to know that the broken will be brought back to life, and I will never again be subject to the will of a force so out of my control. Some have spilled their blood onto the pages of history to know this grace, while I will only dream of such devotion to a cause. Until then, I will not falter nor will I capitulate my desire for better until I can make the climb.

Chase Me

I dare you to chase me. Follow me to the end of the World so that we can view the stars from where only gods choose to stand. I seek only what cannot be understood, questions too deep and too abstract to have any definite answer. Finding my solace in the night sky looking into an endless horizon that knows no bounds. Heaven must exist between what we can see and those thoughts too good and pure to have come from the earth, I look for the middle. Find your peace where only things fade and ideas germinate, endeavor till the end, understanding is always just right in front of you. Call to me where the noise quells to a dull monotone hum, that can be pushed to the background, as we push closer to real freedom. I like it better here, where the air is clear, and you can breathe the darkness into your lungs exhaling the light of what good you have to offer the world.

Sounds of Yesterday

Who could I write to? I can still paint images of fire and passion onto a blank page, teeming with a feeling I will fuck this paper to sleep tonight. A soft touch right before a crescendo of passion: vomiting color into the air of an uncertain world. You will feel something or I have failed. Can you hear the elegy of souls marginalized, repressed to something they do not understand? Indeed, what can I write to make it better? I want to take your pain and transform it into action, removing the desire for harm and replacing it with a longing for love. Yet all I  can do is inspire, I cannot change you nor can you change me but we can seek first to understand. I have seen the fields of tomorrow, they are a mixed bag of prosperity and a destitute sense of who we are. We grow ever closer and yet further and further away from really knowing anyone. For now, I will write about these things and seek only to find a sense of calm amongst the sounds of yesterday.